4 Things That Happened When I Stopped Taking Birth Control Pills

4 Things That Happened When I Stopped Taking Birth Control Pills

Over the last several years I’ve read articles and blog posts here and there about women stopping their birth control. Everyone has their reasons – mood changes, weight gain, lowered sex drive, or just wanting to have a baby – women have different reasons for wanting to stop their birth control pills.

For me, it was a combination of things. To start, I wanted to see how my body would react without messing with its hormones. I’ve been trying to find ways to let my body do what it’s naturally supposed to do by using better products and fueling myself with good food (haha – still working on that). So, why not take that into consideration with something I put into my body everyday? I talked to my gynecologist, and she was all for it! I didn’t start my pill for any reason other than to prevent pregnancy, so I wasn’t worried about any side affects of stopping the pill and neither was she!

Another huge reason – sex drive. This lady needed some extra mmph. Over the last six years I could slowly feel things changing, and I really started to realize it in the last year or so. That alone was reason enough for me to kick that little round pill to the curb.

For years I was on Levora, which was an estrogen + progesterone combo pill. I’ve been on other before that, but that is what I was taking for a few years.

So what happened when I stopped my birth control?*

*Everyone is different. This is my personal experience, and you should consult your doctor or gynecologist before making any decisions about your health.

So, the first month was pretty normal leading up to my period. I didn’t have any noticeable mood swings, which I was happy about. I was worried how that would change.

My period started right on time (I’ve been using the Period Tracker app since high school!) I had slightly sharper cramps and my lower back pain was a little more intense than usual too. My period was about 1 – 1.5 days shorter than usual, but other than these minor things, everything seemed normal. After my first full cycle with the pill is when I started to really experience a difference.

My Period Was Late

OKAY YA’LL. This is where shit gets crazy for me.

Ok – maybe that’s dramatic, but you’ll see.

My period was 5.days.late. In six years I’ve never been late more than like 48 hours tops. I was internally freaking out for three days. You should have seen my Google search history. 😂 Turns out it’s normal for your period to get all wacky after stopping birth control pills.

Damn. I wish my gynecologist would have given me a sign with flashing lights about that one.

PMS and Cramping Came in at Full Force

When my period finally did come, it was a dramatic asshole about it. I was at work already feeling anxious AF about my period. It was during a time where the flu was going around, and when I started to feel sick I thought that I was catching the flu. My stomach was icky, my whole back was achy. I had minor body chills, and I had a horrible headache. When I let my manager know that I was going home, I almost cried. That’s always my key indicator that I’m sick – tears. So, I went home. Wanna know what happened two hours later? MY PERIOD CAME. What a little bitch huh? I felt so much better after that, and the rest of my period was relatively crappy cramps. But that was it.

I Started to Learn More About My Body

Ever since I stopped my birth control pill, I started using an app called Natural Cycles to track my cycles. It’s a really cool app that uses science to predict fertility. I’m already starting to see patterns in my cycle, and it hasn’t even been three full months! Stay tuned for a full review of the app this year!

3 month graph of natural cycles data
This is what the first ~3 months of using Natural Cycles looks like for me.

Anyways – I’ve used the app to help get an idea of when my period will start each month, and I’m gearing up mentally for my next one next week. 😂 But also knowing it could come any day since my body is trying to learn it’s new schedule.

It’s been really interesting so far to learn more about what my body’s doing inside there, and while the app doesn’t offer as many features to track as the Period App, I find the science behind it so interesting.

My Sex Drive Started to Come Back

THANK.DA.LAWD. No further explanation needed. 🙃

I know when I started researching how stopping my birth control would affect me, I wanted to read from both reliable medical sources and real women. I’m still very early into this, and I realize that things may change again. But I do feel like my body is starting to get back to normal. And I hope that I continue to feel that way! Like I mentioned before, please talk to your doctor or gynecologist if you’re interested in changing your birth control options. This is purely my personal experience, and I would never want to tell you what to do with your body. I just want to give you some insight on what happened to me, a real woman.

One thing I do want you to talk to me about is Natural Cycles! Have you ever heard of it? Do you use it? I want to hear what you think! I’m waiting until later this year to do full review on the app and my experience, but I want to hear what you think if you’re using the app or if you have any questions of what I think so far!

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And then I feel like I didn’t hear a whole lot about them until the last couple of months or so. Back in March one of my favorite Instagram ladies shared a post about her Lunette Cup – another menstrual cup option on the market. I trust Jera, and I can get behind anything she trusts too. Not that I don’t trust Shannon! Oh I trust Shannon with my life, but Jera served more as a reminder that these cups were out there.

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