4 Reasons You Should Give Handmade Gifts This Holiday Season

I hope you’re recovering from your sugar rush (or maybe from something a little stronger than sugar 😉 ) from Halloween because IT’S NOVEMBER, which means IT’S THE HOLIDAYS! This is my favorite time of the year by far.

About a week before Halloween through New Year’s Day is filled with friends, family, food, magic, love, and so many moments of happiness. It’s truly magical. I love spending time with everyone, and I especially love giving gifts. Finding the perfect gift takes time and careful thought, and I love watching people unwrap their gifts.

As I’ve become more active in my crafting over the years, I’ve started giving more handmade gifts to my friends and family. There’s something special about making something from scratch for someone, and there’s something really special about receiving something handmade. I want to give more handmade gifts, and my goal this year with all of my gifts not only through the holiday season, but for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. is to give either something handmade (by me or another creator) or an experience. I already have some super exciting ‘experiences’ for some people, but I can’t share those yet. 🙂 🙂

As you start to shop this season, think of how you can give a unique gift to your friends, family, and coworkers. There are so many great reasons to start gifting handmade gifts.

red heart cake yarn ombre yarn

It was made with love.

Your gift doesn’t have a ‘Made in China’ tag on it, and it’s not one of 10,000 being fought over at the local Wal-Mart. No one else in the world has been given that gift. Someone put their blood, sweat, and tears into it. And if you’re getting a crocheted item from me, it probably has some of my hair in it too. 😛 I’m only like 60% kidding. My hair is everywhere guys. But seriously. Somebody’s craft, creativity, and expertise went into whatever you’re gifting. Whether it’s a chunky infinity scarf, a hand-painted Taylor Swift print, or a conditioning lip balm, it was hand-crafted by someone who loves what they’re doing and loves that their product is making its way to you.

You’re supporting small businesses.

When you’re purchasing something handmade, you’re buying from a small, creative business. They may work a full time job and work on their craft at night on the on weekends. They may have kids too they need to support and spend time with. The small business life is a constant hustle. When you’re really in it, it is exhausting and never-ending. (Side note: I’m not even ‘all in’ but you guys, this is hard work. Kudos kudos kudos to all entrepreneurs or all kinds and sizes out there). Knowing that there is support out there for what you love is so amazing. You might be helping to pay off someone’s student loans. Or for a new car. Or to put somebody’s kids through college. It means a lot to us.

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Handmade gifts are thoughtful.

Giving something like a handmade gift says more to the receiver than a gift card. Sure, you can still thoughtlessly choose a gift, even if it was hand-crafted, but usually there is a bit more thought that goes into a gift like this. Is there a certain style your friend would like more? What about specific colors? Can one of the many talented wood-working artists out there create a storage solution or a piece of furniture you haven’t been able to find in the store? I don’t know about you, but I always turn to Etsy, my creative friends, or a craft fair for something that is going to solve a problem like that or for something really specific that I know I can have customized.

And speaking of customized.

Nine times out of ten, you’re probably going to be able to request some sort of customization for your purchase. I sell egg collecting aprons, but many times people want a specific color, and I don’t always have that in-stock. I’m more than happy to make a new one in a color my customer is looking for, so I offer custom orders on my egg collecting aprons and everything else I sell. In-fact, the majority of my sales are custom orders. Chances are the item you’re looking for can be custom ordered by somebody out there. And that makes your gift even better.

As you start your holiday shopping this year, consider purchasing a hand-crafted gift for your friends and family. I promise you they’re cherish it forever, and the creator you purchased it from will love you forever too.

If your gears are turning, and you feel the need to shop, take a look at some of the items I have in-stock over in my Etsy shop! As I said, I take custom orders too. Those are more fun anyways. 🙂

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