8 Late Night Date Ideas

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Fitting in a date night with your significant other is difficult when you both have normal schedules, but when one of you typically works nights while the other works days, it’s basically impossible. Sometimes the only time you have for a date night is after 9 PM, but what on earth do you do that late at night? It can be hard to think of something since a lot of places aren’t open – at least in a smaller city like Oshkosh. New York City or Chicago – those are different stories! Take a look at our list of late night date ideas that will get you out of the house – if you want!

Comedy Clubs
Do some digging for a comedy club in your area. There probably is one – you just might not know about it. Oshkosh has one called Backlot Comedy House, and for the longest time I didn’t know it was here! I’m glad my friends and I discovered it last year. It’s perfect for date night or a night out with friends. What’s even better is they sometimes have special nights where they team up with The Fire Escape to offer a night out including pottery painting and comedy. My friend and I have done it, and it was a lot of fun. We were even able to get some drinks from Bar 430 as well.

blueberry bourbon old fashion

Get a Drink
Speaking of getting drinks. If you’re able to, go grab a drink. When is the last time you and your significant other just got a drink and relaxed? Dave and I did this recently, and we had so much fun. Our night ended with a very large pizza (it didn’t fit in our fridge!!) and singing along to Eminem.

Piano Bars
This might be hard to come by, but if you can find a piano bar or a bar that’s hosting dueling pianos, try to make it by show time. These are fun shows where pianists play (usually) current Top Hits and other popular, well known songs. They’re animated, funny, and songs are chosen based off of requests (the higher your tip, the more likely they’ll play your song!).

Paint & Wine Night
You know how those wine and paint bars are so popular these days? If your date night has a late start, why not have your own wine and paint night? All you need is canvas and some paint! You can almost always get them on sale at Hobby Lobby or another craft store. The best part is you can drink as much as you want and paint whatever you want. Fun, huh?

Play Some Games
This one is good for staying in too. Get out the board games and a deck of cards and have at it! Make it fun by having the loser do dishes for a week or maybe the winner gets a massage. Your house, your rules.

Go for a Walk/Run
This is going to depend on the weather, but if it’s nice outside, why don’t you go for a walk? Or a run? It can be so nice just to walk around at night when it’s peaceful and quiet.

Play Video Games
It doesn’t matter what time it is – it’s always the perfect time to play some video games! Dave and I like to spend time playing Zelda games. They’re not two player, but he helps me a lot, and when he plays I just like to watch. Since he just moved in, we haven’t had the chance to buy any games good for two players that I would like. He has a lot of first person shooter games, which I’m not super excited about. If you have any fun games for two people, get those puppies out and challenge each other to a friendly game!

Make Something Yummy
While I’m definitely going to suggest the dessert variation of “yummy”, you could really make whatever floats your boat; salsa, pizza, pasta, etc. Personally, I would suggest cookies, brownies, or anything with chocolate. 🙂

Give some of these a try next time your date night start later at night or even if it doesn’t. These are great ideas for any kind of date night. Do you have any other ideas that are good for late night dates? Share them!

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