Adventure is Out There – With Dave!

Last month Dave and I took a huge step. We moved in together! It’s been something that we’ve both wanted for a long time, but because of several different reasons, it didn’t happen until recently. And I’m so glad it has! It was nerve-wracking for sure, but mostly just super exciting. We are always talking about the adventures we’ve been on and want to go on, and I think this is a pretty fun one. 🙂

He moved up to the city that I live in and transferred positions at his job. He’ll be working in town with the hopes of finding something in the area that’s a little more up his alley. I’m so proud of how hard he’s working at his current job though! He’s kickin’ ass and takin’ names. 🙂

rockefeller center in new york during christmasWe have been together for over three years, so we know each other pretty well; however the first night after he was all moved in was full of questions. How do we want to pay for bills? What about groceries? What are your pet peeves when living with somebody? Do you like to do dishes (I HATE IT)? What chores do you hate? And on and on.

Neither of us have lived with a significant other before so we didn’t really know where to start or what process would work for certain things. We did a lot of Googling when it came to the finances part, and other things have sort of started to work itself out. I’m shocked, but I voluntarily do dishes more often than when I lived alone. He’s making me a better person for sure…even if it’s something small like that. It’s much more than that though, and I cannot wait to continue our big adventure together.

I’ll have to write a post about how we’re handling different aspects of living together. If we had so many questions in just the first night – I didn’t even list them all – I can only imagine the many more we’ll have. We’ll find what works for us and maybe along the way we can help others.

Have you recently moved in with your significant other or have been living together for years? What was the most difficult part? The best part? Any advice? I’d love to hear!

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