American Flag Themed Egg Collecting Apron

I am so excited to share my latest egg collecting apron with everyone! The inspiration for this apron came from a post my friend, Made by Molly, tagged me in on Facebook of a red, white, and blue beach bag. With it being Independence Day, I knew I had to find a way to make a patriotic version of an apron. And you know what…the apron pattern is PERFECT for an American flag!

I giggled with excitement every time I worked on it. All 15+ hours.

20170703_183422american flag egg apron

The American flag apron holds 19 eggs (somehow I ended up with an extra pocket? I’m not perfect.) and includes a large pocket for your phone or any other accessories you might need while you’re collecting eggs and are out and about in your urban farm (or you know, your non-urban farm too :))

I have just one American flag egg apron in stock right now, so if you want it now, let me know! I am making more! These suckers take 15+ hours, so I am working on getting more in stock for a quick turnaround, but I can make anything you want to order. Head over to my Facebook Page or my Etsy store if you want to request an order! My Etsy shop is empty right now as I prepare for the winter, but you can send me a message for a custom order.

Follow along. You know you want to.

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