An Updated Polar A360 Fitness Watch Review

polar a360 fitness watch

Nearly two years ago I decided to buy a new fitness watch. When I started going to the gym regularly I had a Polar FT4, which required a heart strap to measure your heart rate, but I wanted more. I wanted easier. I wanted cuter.

So, after some research I decided on the Polar A360. I wrote a first impression review in 2016, but I wrote it only after having the watch for two months. Now that it’s been almost two years, and I still love my watch, I wanted to give an update.

This watch is still everything I was looking for:

  • Wrist-based heart rate monitor to measure my workout intensity
  • The ability to track my daily activity with detailed data
  • Stylish and clean design

The more I used it, the more features I found that made it even better. First of all, it still works great! The battery life seems to have held up with little to no change in how long it lasts. The wrist-band has very little wear and tear and is very comfortable to wear, even to bed.

I think my favorite feature that I didn’t know I’d appreciate is the waterproof aspect. You guys. Let me tell you something pretty nuts – THIS WATCH SURVIVED THE WARRIOR DASH. A wet, thick, muddy, slammin’ around Warrior Dash. The first time (accidentally) I dunked my full arm into a thick, clumpy pool of mud, I thought my watch was done for, but it was almost like it didn’t even happen! I wear it in the shower most days without issue as well.

One thing I was worried about was the band changing colors. It’s white, and we all know white doesn’t stay white. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there hasn’t been a sign of discoloration at all!

I still sync my watch to the app every day. I’ve become more relaxed on how often I wear it. I used to wear it 24/7, no matter what because I needed to know every detail, but I don’t obsess over the data like I used to. I’m glad the data is there though! I still wear it for every single workout, just not every other minute of the day.

I think the best part of having a fitness watch like the Polar A360 is that I know how active I need to be every day to reach my goal of at least hitting my 100% activity level goal. I know when I’m in the middle of a workout that if I haven’t hit a certain heart rate or calories burned that I have more to do or need to step up the intensity. I also know that when I am feeling too out of breathe or dizzy that I can see my heart rate is way too high. I’m not sure about the accuracy of the heart rate monitor, steps, calories, etc., but it’s all relative, right? If I’m improving over time compared to my historical data, it’s still an improvement. Does that make sense? Or if I know that, according to my fitness tracker, I am not warmed up until I hit the 150s for bpm, then I don’t consider my workout truly started until then.

There are a lot of new watches out there from so many brands, but you don’t need the newest watch to get some pretty significant data and benefits. Of course you can get the newest watch because new is so fun (that’s why I got this one!), and there may be features you’re more interested in available in Polar’s other watches. Maybe you’re more of a bike person – there are watches for that. And of course there are plenty of other watches out there from Samsung, Apple, Fitbit

, and more. There are a lot of brands that I’ve never even heard of! They could be great, but I’m telling you, if you’re looking for a simple waterproof fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, the Polar A360, with all of it’s colorful bands, would be a great fit.

If you wear a fitness watch, I would love to hear which one you have, how you use it, and why you love it.

Follow along. You know you want to.

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