Cooking Meals for Two

I recently moved in with my boyfriend, and so we’ve started to have to cook meals for two – obviously. 🙂 I’ve gotten pretty good at making the perfect amount of food for just me, and now our grocery bill has doubled, there’s a butt load more food in the fridge, and we are figuring out the best way to efficiently – and deliciously – use the food in the apartment.

I bought Dave a cookbook for Christmas called the The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook. It was actually my mom’s idea…she’s basically a genius. One of my most favorite things to do with Dave is cook meals and eat together. Some of my most favorite memories are with him in the kitchen. I knew we’d eventually live together, so this cookbook was perfect.

There are so many recipes in this book! I’m so excited to go through them all, and I’m looking forward to sharing how they turn out with you! Some of them are pretty basic. Scrambled eggs, an omelette, etc. However, there are other dishes that are a little more than basic. We’ve tried a couple of dishes so far, and they’ve been delicious. I’ll have to loop back around to those and show you delicious they are! Here’s a sneak peak of a veggie casserole we made for Easter lunch with Dave’s family (with a few modifications!).


Follow along. You know you want to.

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