Crochet Hugs Booties – Darn Good Yarn Box

roving silk yarn skein

Last month’s Darn Good Yarn box came, and I was excited to find out what June’s pattern would be. I had only experienced one box so far, which made the cutest hanging planters, so I knew it wouldn’t be something boring.

When my box came, I opened it and found beautiful blueish green yarn and…butterflies? I was so confused! It turns out they were magnets and were June’s surprise gift. I was pretty excited about that because now I get to find places to put them in our apartment!

Now onto the pattern…

roving silk yarn with butterfly magnets

June’s pattern was for cute little booties written by Lori J. Cave. I don’t have a use for baby booties, and I don’t know someone who will anytime soon, but I was still excited to make them! I’ve never crocheted booties before.

It took me a few tries to get the construction right for these. They work up really quick, but if you’re not really sure what you’re doing as far as shaping the boot, then you’re in trouble. But I eventually figured it out! Newbie errors were made. 🙂

The yarn in this box was just like the first box, and it had a vinegary smell and had a weird feeling to it. It didn’t glide like other yarns I’ve worked with, and I didn’t like making this boot up with it at all. Now that I have the pattern figured out, I would love to make more booties with it as gifts in the future, but I’ll be choosing another yarn. I disliked it so much that I only made one (I don’t actually need them right now, right? Haha).

Despite the texture of the yarn being weird for these, the boot I made did turn out alright! The instructions say to wash and shape the boots when you’re done, which I haven’t done. Does washing roving silk yarn make it softer?

Anyways, here’s my finished work! Not too bad for my first boot, am I right?

hugs crochet boot

The Darn Good Yarn monthly yarn box comes at the end of the month, and it should be shipped out this week. I’m excited to see what’s next! I mostly crochet for fun, so I don’t mind when my projects are not really ‘for anything’.

Did you get June’s Darn Good Yarn box? Let me see yo booties!

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