Five Crochet Patterns for Beginners

puff stitch cowl

As a crochet beginner, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of crochet patterns out there. THERE ARE SO MANY. Luckily we can narrow it down by what we actually know how to do, right? 🙂 But even then, let’s say you’ve master single and double crochets, and now you want to try out a pattern with one or both of those stitches. There are still so many to choose from!

I’ve been crocheting since about 2012. My first project was an infinity scarf, and my mom didn’t give me a pattern. I just double crocheted around and around. Pretty easy, but after that I was hungry for more!

The patterns below are some of my favorite crochet patterns for beginners, and the instructions are so easy to follow! That was a huge thing for me. If the pattern wasn’t easy to read, I was moving on. All About Ami is one of my favorites, so I would highly suggest taking a peek around her site for some inspiration!

Jumbo Puff Stitch Cowl – All About Ami

puff stitch cowl

This is still one of my favorite cowls to make! Don’t let the puff stitches scare you – they’re super easy and it makes this work up pretty quick! You just puff, puff, puff all the way around until it’s at the width you’d like. Here’s a photo of one I made.

jumbo puff stitch cowl

Knotted Headband – All About Ami

knotted headband crochet pattern

These also work up pretty fast! Obviously a little faster than a cowl. 🙂 These crochet headbands make the perfect gift for a friend, coworker, or family member. It’s never too early to start planning Christmas gifts!

Urban Jungle Beanie – All About Ami


This was the very first hat I ever made!! So, it’ll always hold a special place in my crafty little heart. I wish I could find the hat I made, but I just can’t find it! This is a fun hat to make as well with the puff stitches!

Scalloped Boot Cuffs – Jenny Dickens

scalloped boot cuffss crochet pattern

Boot cuffs are always a fun pattern to make, and they’re super cute! Personally I’ve found them to be easy but with a few twists and turns. These have scallop edges, and the first time I did them, I was nervous because it was new, but I promise they’re easy!

Stretchy Coffee Sleeve – Jennifer Pionk

stretchy coffee sleeve crochet pattern

Who doesn’t love a cute coffee cozy? This pattern is super simple, and you’ll be able to whip up several for gifts or yourself!

If you are looking for something to warm your hands on a handled mug, check out this extra pattern below!

Coffee Mug – Lisa Charbonneau

crochet coffee mug cozy pattern

Hopefully you find some of these crochet patterns simple to create! What was your first ever crochet project? I wanna see pictures people!

Follow along. You know you want to.

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