Katy Hearn Summer Fitness Challenge Review and Progress Photos


I’ve been tinkering with the fitness lifestyle for just over two years, and I’ve seen many different fitness coaches and programs throughout the internet and social media. There are a lot that are not a good fit for me, but there are a lot that excite me. My issue is always money. Why would I pay for a list of exercises that I can find online for free? Well, I tried that, and while I saw some successes, it wasn’t as much as I always hoped for. And then there were the weeks where I would wing it, and those were not good weeks. Nutrition is a whole other story as far as counting macros, staying accountable, and making adjustments. I never had anybody tell me to lower my fat intake by X or increase my protein by X. I needed that.

The Katy Hearn Challenge was a game changer for me.

It’s a lifting, cardio, and plyometrics program with nutritional and supplemental guidance. Katy offers weekly check-ins where she adjusts your macros and/or cardio to help you progress properly. She is friendly, supportive, and knows what she is doing. 

Okay. I’m not an expert in fitness. Obviously that’s why I need a trainer and guidance, but I can tell Katy knows her shit. The adjustments she made each week were very helpful, and I saw such nice improvements week-to-week in how I felt, my strength, and how I looked. Now, I was not perfect with my macros on a consistent basis, and that had an impact on my results at the end of week 8, but during week 8 I was on point, and I saw a big difference in just those seven days. It made me regret not being more consistent for the whole 8 weeks.

Anyways – I highly recommend this program, and it is absolutely worth the investment in yourself! Plus, you will have the workout plan forever. 🙂

Check out some of my stats and progress photos below! A lot of the information in the bottom photo are just measurements that I keep track of personally. For Katy, we dealt with just weight.

katy hearn summer challenge before and after

katy hearn summer challenge changes

Katy announced a fall challenge which opens on October 17th! This one is a tad bit different in that there is no coaching, but the enrollment is cheaper because of it. I’m excited for it! If you’re going to enroll, too, follow me on Instagram so we can support each other!

Follow along. You know you want to.

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