My Mood Board for the New Year

mood board

The new year is always exciting. It’s time to start fresh, try new things, fix the things that need fixing, set new goals, etc. Sometimes, though, January 1 hits and you’re just like, “Uh, okay. Where’s this motivation and inspiration to make things happen!?” It doesn’t just snap into place for some of us.

Some years I am all about setting goals for the new year, but some years – like this one – I need a little extra dose of inspiration to help me get motivated to set goals. I heard about mood/inspiration boards before. Usually I see them being used to inspiration for a room in a house or a wedding, but I suppose they can be created for anything! I decided to put together a mood board for the new year, and it was so fun! Ready to see it?

**drum roll**

january 2017 mood board

Okay, I don’t know if that actually needed a drum roll, but you got one anyways.

It’s hard to explain each image, so I won’t do that. Each of them makes me feel creative, confident, inspired, motivated, and determined to reach my goals – no matter what those are.

This is hanging in my home office where I can see it everyday. The act of putting it together was super fun! Probably more fun than it will be to just look at it for the next month (or more!). At first I didn’t know how to start, but then I turned to Pinterest, social influencers that I love, and honestly…Canva’s free stock images. 😂 I started to get ideas on the colors, moods, and items I wanted to include in my photos, and I went from there.

Whether you need some inspiration for the new year, a new crafting project, the perfect vacation, or your wedding, I definitely think you should create a mood board! Maybe it’ll point you in the right creative direction, give you the motivation to hit the gym, or just make you smile! 😀

My favorite super easy-to-use website for creating images like this is Canva! They just launched an Android app and have had their iPhone app for awhile. If you’re all about doing everything on your phone, I love the Layout app for Instagram. If you haven’t used it before, you can create collages and either share them directly to Instagram or save them to your camera roll. I use it all the time. Get it on App Store or Google Play.

If you’re whippin’ up mood boards, I want to see them! Share them on my Facebook Page or tag @justpeachycrafts on Instagram!

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