Preparing for My First Craft Show

My good friend, Molly at Made by Molly, asked me if I wanted to do a craft fair with her this winter. OF COURSE I SAID YES! This is my first craft fair, so I’m pretty nervous! What should I make? How much of everything do I need? How much should I charge? What if nobody buys anything? Those are just a few of the questions that keep running through my head.

So, how do you prepare for a craft fair?

Figure out what you’re going to make. I had no idea where to start here. First off, Molly and I sat down and discussed what we should make and broke it out by category (sewing, crochet, knit, etc.). Then we listed out the different projects and started going through different patterns. This little exercise made me feel a lot better. We picked some items that will be fun and efficient to make. When I say efficient, I’m thinking something cool that people will like, but not something that will take a ridiculous amount of time. Here are my items.

  • Amigurumi animals
  • Key fobs
  • Make up bags
  • Aprons
  • Pokemon items (hats, headbands, etc.)

pokemon crocheted hat and headbandI found some really great patterns for these (you can see some of them to the right), and I’m hoping they work out for the show. This show is in November, so I’m also keeping in mind that many of these shoppers will likely be looking for Christmas gifts. I’m thinking of making some gift sets and throwing in some winter/holiday themed items.

Price out your itemsMolly and I haven’t nailed down any concrete prices, but we scanned websites like Etsy to see what similar items were selling for. I’ve also found a few pricing calculators, but holy cats batman – that adds up to a lot of money! I never think that my work is worth anything, so it’s going to be hard to price everything to what they’re actually “worth”. We’ll figure it out!

Plan your display. This is going to be fun for me. We have three 6 ft tables to set up and organize. I love making things look presentable, so I’m really looking forward to this! Does anybody have any advice on how to set this up? I’d love to see ideas on how to get started and what has worked for you!

Sew, sew, sew (& crochet) away! I still have no idea how much of everything I need to make, but I am going to crochet and sew my little head off until November, and if I have too much, then everybody I know if getting some crafts for Christmas. 🙂

Like I said, this is my first craft show, so I’m sort of winging it. It’s also Molly’s first. We’ll be learning as we go, but if anybody has any advice – especially on any big things that I haven’t even mentioned – that’d be very much appreciated! 🙂

Follow along. You know you want to.

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