Quick Corner to Corner Baby Blanket

sweet roll yarn blanket

I’ve been crocheting for at least eight years, and for most of that time I stuck with standard stitches and techniques. Not really for any reason, but just because it was what I knew. I would venture into fun patterns that were a little more complicated, and then in the last year I hopped into egg collecting aprons, which were a whole other level (to me).

Last summer, Repeat Crafter Me, posted the photo below, and I thought, “HOW SQUISHY DOES THAT LOOK?!” (the answer is very squishy)

I had to know what ‘C2C’ was, so I did a little research. It seemed like this magical crochet technique. How had I never heard of it!? Maybe I didn’t pay close attention to what I was looking at I guess. But anyways. Last summer and through the holidays I was slammed with egg apron orders and craft fair preparation, so I never played around with a pattern.

Once the new year rolled around I had a ton of free time (at least in the Just Peachy world!), so I learned the corner to corner crochet technique, and I AM OBSESSED. So obsessed.

I am currently working on a 2018 temperature blanket using the corner to corner technique, but I wanted to whip up something faster so I could see a finished piece.

I grabbed two cakes of the Raspberry Premier Yarns Sweet Roll yarn from JOANNs and made a small baby blanket. It started out as something just for shits and giggles because I wanted to see what two cakes of this yarn did, but then I realized it measured out to a small blanket for a crib or security blanket. It’s so squishy, warm, and soft.

corner to corner crochet baby blanket

I love how it turned out, and it only took two cakes of yarn! It’s a quick project, which will make it nice and easy for me to stock up my Etsy shop, huh? 😉

Like I said – I am obsessed. In addition to the crazy awesome patterns already out there, I have lots of doodles and graphs made up myself that I want to turn into blankets of all sizes, so keep an eye out for some cute and cuddly blankets comin’ your way!

Follow along. You know you want to.

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