So this is social media marketing…

I was interested in social media marketing before I even knew what it was.  For as long as I can remember, I loved promoting things via Facebook, or even Myspace when it was still relevant.  I would carefully craft a post trying to promote a high school football game, a concert, or the release of our high school newspaper.  I wanted people to know about what was going on, when, and how they can participate.

Fast forward to the present, and that is part of what I do.  I promote SEAL’s events on campus via Facebook and Twitter, and now it is more than just posting a status or tweet.  It’s looking at the different insights and analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t working.  It’s interacting with people who have questions or are just stopping by the page to tell us they liked the comedian we had last week.  Watching a brand gain more “likes” or followers because of your efforts is really cool.  Engagement with fans is also something really cool to me because then you know that they care and want to interact.  If there’s silence on the other end of your posts, tweets, pins, then I don’t think you don’t have a captive audience.

Now that I’ve scratched the surface of what social media marketing is about with my job, and now this social media marketing class, I want to dig deeper and learn all there is to know.  In the near future, as I approach graduation in December, I hope to hold a position with a company that lets me utilize social media to improve their brand.

Follow along. You know you want to.

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  1. I love that you have had such a passion for social media marketing since you were in high school. I believe a lot of people are in your shoes; we often don’t know what exactly we are doing when we post things on social media and what the impact of our actions may be. I think that idea of using the Facebook Analytics now is very interesting. I have found that it is very useful when trying to interact with RAs on the Resident Assistant Facebook page. Do you believe that your posts on Facebook are able to reach an audience you are unable to reach in a different way in promoting events, or are your posts just simply a reminder to students on campus?

    1. That’s something I’ve thought about before. I’ve thought of ways to reach students that may not already follow SEAL’s Facebook or Twitter accounts. I definitely try to utilize hashtags that I think other students might search Twitter for (and I guess Facebook, but I don’t know how much that has caught on) to get their attention. As far as Facebook, I encourage other people on our team to share statuses, and I also will share statuses in the “UW-Whitewater Class of 20XX” groups to raise awareness for anyone who does not follow SEAL. So, I hope that some of those posts are reaching new students!

  2. Ohh, your blog looks unique and beautiful! And I love your way to write because I can see how excited, passionate and ambitious you are. You seems to be an professional blogger already 🙂

  3. First off, I also love the design and colors of your blog! It’s extremely visually appealing and makes me want to keep browsing around! It’s clear that you’ve had some practice in the social media marketing area. 🙂

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