The Science Behind Motivation – Why Choosing Fun Activities Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Last week I came across an article on The Muse called The Science Behind Staying Motivated Will Change the Way You Reach Your Goals. It showcased a video (shown below) made by Asap SCIENCE about what makes it difficult or easy to achieve your goals. It was interesting. So interesting that I basically started a novel in a Facebook status, which has led me to this Blog post.

One of the main points in the video is that people are more likely to stick to their goals when they are doing something they enjoy. The video says, “Play is the strongest motivator for sustained behavioral changes.”

YES. I feel so strongly about this! I really believe you’re more likely to stick to something – anything – if you enjoy doing it.

67% of gym memberships go unused. Probably because the activities we’re choosing to do to become healthier are not what we want to do but rather what we think we need to do. We think it’s the only way when in reality we’re just choosing the wrong things to do for us.

Do you want to feel motivated? Decide to do something you want to do rather than something you think you need to do to feel healthier. You don’t need to spend hours on the treadmill or do 100 crunches to be happy and healthy…unless you like doing that, then that’s awesome! Do it. If you really enjoy lifting, lift. If you like slamming battle ropes into the ground, keep doing it.

It turns out the gym works for me, but it didn’t always work. I thought in order to be healthy, I needed to run as fast as I could for as long as I could. I was so wrong. That lasted about 2.5 seconds before I quit going to the gym.

I found a couple of fitness programs that I love: Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (BBG) and Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer. BBG is a circuit training 12-week program. You do two sets of four exercises for seven minutes each. It’s difficult and hard work, but I love it. You could probably do most of it at home, but I like to go to the gym and use the equipment. The Livefit Trainer is all lifting, and I LOVE LIFTING. I fell in love with both of these programs, and I’ve been switching between the two for awhile now. When I’m not doing specific workouts from either one of these, they’ve helped me learn how to create my own workouts when I want to.

The thing is, you just need to find what you enjoy doing. It’s probably much easier said than done, but just keep trying. You’ll find something.

Watch the video for some more interesting factoids!

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