Two Handmade Back to School Items to Organize Your School Supplies

7" x 10" tablet case

I love back to school season! It’s one of my favorite times of the year…and I’m 25. There’s something about fresh clothes, the smell of new school supplies, and color coordinating your planner to your upcoming class schedule. Yeah. I’m one of those weirdos. But we’re cool weirdos.

I decided to whip up some back to school items for my Etsy shop, and I wanted to share them with you! These are going to add a cute, unique flair to your back to school stash. Aren’t we all looking to be unique in some way anyways?

Tablet Cover (pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet)

7" x 10" tablet case

This tablet pouch fits tablets up to 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide. I’m in love with the stitches in this pattern. It was super easy to whip up and unless you’ll be throwing your things around, I think this will serve as a nice little case for your tablet.

Pencil Pouch (tablet cover pattern adjusted in height)

crochet pencil pouches

I was so in love with the stitches in the tablet case that I decided to find another way to use them. The tablet cover pattern was super easy to adjust to make pencil pouches or makeup bags. Ta-da! How cute are these?

School may have started for some, and it’s inching towards the rest of you, but it’s never too late to add a little something to your backpack or purse! Check out what I have in stock on my Back to School section of my Etsy shop or request a custom order on my Facebook Page!

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