Vanilla Almond Overnight Oats

vanilla overnight oats

I don’t know about you, but I like easy morning routines. I envy people who can get up at the crack of dawn, squeeze in a workout, shower, and a sit down breakfast. Does anyone actually do that? I will sleep as long as possible before rolling out of bed and getting ready for the day. So, I make sure to have a grab-n-go breakfast waiting for me in the fridge. These are easy to add in the mix of meal prep on Sunday nights!

vanilla overnight oats

One of my favorite things to make for breakfast is overnight oats. They’re so easy and versatile. You can make sweet oats or savory oats; simple or complicated. Whatever floats your boat! There are an endless amount of ways to create a delicious, easy breakfast.

These vanilla almond overnight oats are sweet, easy to whip together, and has 20 grams of protein! I struggle with getting enough protein every day, so I like when I can get it in with each meal. Check out the recipe below, throw the ingredients into a mason jar – or any container – and you’re set by morning!nutrition facts

Quick oats (1/2 cup)
Silk vanilla almond milk (1/2 cup)
Chobani vanilla blended greek yogurt
Chia seeds (2 tablespoons)
Honey (1 tablespoon)

vanilla extract – for more flavor
fruit – bananas, peaches, blueberries, etc.

My best friend tells me she loves savory oatmeal, but I have never tried a savory recipe! I’ll have to find one and try it out soon. What’s your favorite overnight oat recipe? I like to switch it up – let me know your favorites!

Follow along. You know you want to.

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