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In August I tweeted in all caps about The Scene Aesthetic going on tour. This was their first tour in SO LONG! The Scene Aesthetic was one of those bands in high school that I loved. So when I saw their tweet about going on tour, I knew I needed to go.

Their closest show was in Chicago (3+ hours away). On a Monday. šŸ˜« My friend Emily and I decided we couldn’t miss the show, and so we decided that we were going to hang out in Chicago for a few days. We’re both really lucky to have jobs with flexible work schedules and the ability to work wherever we want or need to.

Fast forward to November, and we’re taking the train into the city! I was able to score an awesome deal on our hotel through work (woo!), so we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Chicago

Ya’ll. The Hyatt Regency Chicago is amazing! I felt like we were in a small city – not even kidding. From the moment you walk into the lobby, you can see how modern and contemporary the hotel is, and I personally just felt so at home. I’m a city girl at heart, so I get all jazzed about places like this. I mean – check this out! This is your view right inside the main doors.

The Hyatt Regency Chicago is in a really convenient location too. We were so close to shopping, so much food, right in front of the river, and were a short (<10 minute) Uber ride from Chicago OTC. We had a day of play, and after doing a ton of walking, I was really happy to have our hotel super close. I mentioned feeling like we were in a small city. Here a little bit of what the hotel includes:

  • Four restaurants/bars
  • A marketplace with a Starbucks brewed coffee shop
  • Fitness center
  • Business center
  • Tons of quiet spaces to work

And seriously a lot more. But as a remote worker, those were some of the big things for me. I wanted quiet places to work, fast WiFi, coffee, and plenty of options to eat onsite. Check, check, check, check!

Emily and I worked a few times in the lobby pictured above, but it was pretty busy, so it wasn’t very quiet. It worked for us during certain times of the day, but we both had phone call and/or Skype meetings, so we needed some quiet space too. Our WiFi didn’t seem to work very well in our room, but that’s okay because I wanted to be out and about with the world. The hotel had a perfect space with a balance of foot traffic and quiet called The Living Room.

This little space seemed to be an art gallery with digital and non-digital art on the walls. There was a ton of seating – from couches and comfy chairs to high top tables with outlets built in. We chose to sit at the high tops because they gave us the option to easily stand throughout the day. We spent the majority of our work days here, and it was seriously so perfect. I could work here every day. It was perfectly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the lobby, but easily accessible to our room, drinks, food, and the concierge desk, which helped us with questions we had during our trip.

Outside of our work space and food options, our room was pretty good too. Nothing incredibly special (except the awesome lighting in the bathroom šŸ‘Œ), but I’m never picky with my rooms. So I was a happy camper! Our view in our room was really nice, and the view of the river outside our room was even better!

One amenity that I didn’t think I would use, but ended up needing was the business center. I run an Etsy shop in my free time, and I ended up getting some orders right before we left for our trip. I threw the orders into my bag before we left, and I just kind of figured I would track down a post office. Turns out the business center onsite at the hotel would ship packages for me! It was super convenient and easy to work with the ladies there. Unfortunately one of my packages was returned for incorrect postage, so I was disappointed in that because my customer had to wait even longer for her order. Thankfully she was okay with it!

The Hyatt Regency is hands down my favorite hotel I’ve ever stayed out. Was it the location? The awesome modern feel everywhere you went? The bad ass BIG Bar overlooking the city skyline? Okay okay. Maybe it’s all of that.

I can’t wait for the next chance I have to visit Chicago. I’ve only ever been there in the winter months, so I’m thinking I need to make a spring-time visit once the weather warms back up! As a World of Hyatt member, I’m going to take advantage of some of those benefits next time. I learned that you don’t get points for booking through other websites (Expedia, for example). So…I have learned my lesson. With 10% off – I’m automatically saving money as a member, so I’d best better use it next time, huh? Which Hyatt should I visit next?

Follow along. You know you want to.

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